Unconditional Love Quilt Campaign

Yee Hong’s “Unconditional Love” Quilt Campaign is an opportunity to recognize special women in a meaningful way. For the past 10 years, almost 1100 donors have recognized this special initiative and chosen a Quilt patch for a loved one.

The focus of the Quilt is to celebrate, recognize and appreciate the unconditional love of women who, in their own way, are everyday heroines.

Yee Hong “Unconditional Love” Quilt gives donors a chance to recognize:

  • Grandmothers who have contributed to the family as a loving matriarch
  • Mothers who have nurtured children and run the household
  • Wives who have given support and love to their husbands
  • Sisters who have shared so much love with their siblings
  • Female caregivers or friends who have given unconditional love and comfort
  • Girlfriends who have been dear friends for many years
  • Women who contribute to the community or the business community

The “Unconditional Love” Quilt and the individuals who are honoured on it will have a permanent place in the lobby of the Yee Hong Scarborough Finch Centre. The accompanying Commemorative Book, with a brief message from each donor, will also remain permanently beside the Quilt. All donations from the Quilt will help seniors, who benefit from the quality care provided by Yee Hong Centres in the community.

Limited space is still available for $500 and $1000.

For more information, please contact Katherine Hui at 416 321-0777 ext.1812 or email katherine.hui@yeehong.com.

About the Quilt

The multi-coloured quilt was inspired by a Chinese poem that describes a loving mother sewing an article of clothing for a son who would soon be travelling afar. Each thread sewn by her caring hands represents the depth of love passed on to her son – expressing her unconditional love.

Each patch is carefully crafted in Asian fabric and bears the name of an honoured female. The Quilt is a striking 7.5 feet x 15 feet in size and hangs in a place of honour in the lobby of Yee Hong Centre – Scarborough Finch.


  • The Quilt is displayed in a place of honour in the lobby of the Yee Hong Centre – Scarborough Finch.
  • The women honoured on the Quilt will enjoy permanent recognition
  • Donations of $20,000 and above will also be recognized in a specified dedication area
  • Your action will be an inspiration for generations
  • A commemorative book capturing the story behind each donation is on permanent display along with the Quilt
  • A tax receipt will be issued for the full amount of the donation


Pledging your donation for the “Unconditional Love” Quilt is easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Download the “Unconditional Love” Quilt Pledge Form
  2. Complete the form with all required details
  3. Send the completed form back to Yee Hong Foundation:

A representative from Yee Hong Foundation will contact you for confirmation of your donation.