What a relief to reopen our buildings again as the province and Public Health relax their COVID rules. We welcome our volunteers, community clients, family members and other visitors back to Yee Hong.

Before you travel to a Yee Hong Centre, check the website for more information about the rules that apply to you. Here are a few things we’re doing to put safety first:

  • Online and remote services keep us connected and safely apart. Virtual day programs, remote learning and Video Chat with LTC residents have been extremely popular and these innovative programs will continue.
  • Vigilance against the virus continues at all Yee Hong Centres. We screen everyone at the front entrance, we’re wearing masks and we’re washing hands.
  • Vaccines are our best protection against the virus’ worst effects. If you’re coming into a Yee Hong Centre, please get fully vaccinated. (You won’t need to test for COVID if you show proof of full vaccination at our front entrance!) Call the Yee Hong COVID-19 Vaccine Support Hotline at 416-412-4570 to get more information.

We’re all learning and working together to reopen safely. One thing won’t change: we’re still here for seniors living their lives to the fullest, with independence, health and dignity. Welcome back!